Unlock your BIM potential

Take your BIM to the next level with our data driven approach

Improve your BIM Level

Opinions are meaningless. Actually measure your BIM Level based on data. We provide direct insight how to improve your BIM Level.


Bottom up collaboration works better. Combine data from all partners to create a BIM Execution plan.

Unlock BIM Secrets

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about BIM. Learn the real story with our e-Courses.

Facts over opinions

Get customised high quality advice. Our Certified BIM Consultants help you based on facts  and proven best practises.

“The quality mark for BIM Consultants”

Tired of vague BIM concepts?
Our Certified BIM Consultants can help you unlock your BIM potential.
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Data driven insight

Our online tools provide data driven insight in your BIM performance and potential. The BIM Compass™, BIM Execution Plan Generator™ and our online BIM Secrets e-Courses help you drive your BIM roadmap more effective.

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Independent Certified BIM Consultants

Data may need interpretation. We work with independent  consultants that meet our high quality standards. They value facts over opinions to help you improve your BIM Level.

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Core values

We are improving the quality of BIM usage worldwide

Data & Education

We think focussing on software tools is a short term solution. We believe BIM is about handling data. Understanding data flows and structure is important. Free eCourses and the knowledge base help you get a better understanding how to open your black box of BIM.

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Autonomous & Independent

We believe you should be in control over your own data, processes and tools. Any lock-in or dependency should be reasonably avoided. This is the most reliable on the long term. We are helping you to walk you own path. We are trying to educate you to make your own decisions.

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Facts & Debunking Mythes

We seem to be allergic to marketing stories. Many things people believe to know for certain about BIM are not true. Coming from a research background, we see it as our duty to present the facts and debunk myths. Prepare to get the backside of a story at our ‘insights’ section.

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Our vision is for a data driven industry.

Building Information Management or Management is about using data to create better buildings and processes. We are here to help you find your own way with BIM, without distractions from people that want to sell you software.

Our unique data driven approach gives you insight in your BIM level, the level of your partners and your peers. Insights based on facts and data. Everything with a focus to unlock the BIM potential of our industry.

The BIM Compass™ asks you how you run your business. It provides insight in your BIM level and potential. Compare your results with others in your industry, or other countries. Learn More »
The BIM Execution Plan generator™ analyses the preferred way of working of each member in a BIM project. Based on that it generates a concept BIM Execution Plan. Learn More »
Finally an online BIM course about how all the abbreviations.  Learn everything you need to know about IFC, BCF, MVD, BSDD, and all the other data terms. Coming soon!
Get personal support from our wide range of specialists. We only work with trained, experienced, certified consultants that meet our high quality standards. Learn More »