Securing High Quality

High quality BIM advice needs high quality BIM consultants.

  • Advantages

    Certified Consultants have:

    • Direct access to scientific research team
    • Access to (open)BIM knowledge base
    • Text paragraphs and infographics to use in reports
    • Learn from each other in yearly evaluation meetings
    • Share best practices and examples

    Certified Consultants get recognized by the industry as high quality experts.
    BIM Compass and Execution Plan generator users directly contact Certified Consultants to help them with their BIM challenges.

  • Preconditions

    Make sure you are eligible:

    • You are independent.
    • Software sales companies are welcome, but will get extra checks.
    • The agreement lasts 1 year and is extended every year based on evaluation, customer audit and update exam.
    • The bulk of your work is in your own country or state.

    There are some additional requirements like having to agree with Dutch law, you have to have a VAT number and Chamber of Commerce registration, agree with the fact that we will not provide financial forecasts, financial information from other certified consultants, or any other pre-contractual information.

  • Requirements

    What we expect during your work:

    • Your advice should be independent.
    • You follow the e-Course and pass the exam within a month.
    • In some situations we ask you to submit two testimonials from previous clients.
    • You have to take a yearly checkup exam.
    • Your customer satisfaction score should be above threshold.
    • We advise you to have a liability insurance and solid terms and conditions.
    • You have to contribute to improving the quality: this is a combination of adding articles to the knowledge base, sharing best practices, and attending regional feedback sessions.
    • We ask a yearly fee + a fee of 100 euro ex.VAT per Compass report or BIM Execution plan you initiate.

    The yearly fee differs per region and depends on your type of employer.

Do you have what it takes?

Corporate accounts, regional exclusivity and other options are possible, but with extended quality requirement. Email us on with your plans.

Join us!

”BIM Supporters gives me the ultimate freedom and flexibility, while facilitating me with objective and independent knowledge when I need it the most.“