“There are too many charlatans in the BIM world”

We are on a mission to improve the quality of practical BIM usage


The story of BIM Supporters started in 2008. In that year the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO started a project called ‘BIM Quickscan’. The Netherlands was (and is) leading the way in practical BIM use, and in those days more and more users started to use BIM. We noticed a culture that BIM was just about buying a different software tool and follow a training. The BIM Quickscan was created to show users that BIM has so many different aspects.

To make sure the questions are interpreted the correct way, and a follow up advice was matching the ambition and characteristics of the organisation, TNO started to certify BIM Quickscan consultants.

A few years later the BIM Execution Plan generator was initiated by TNO. These where the days where BIM consultants mandated the way BIM should be used in projects. Even to the level of defining what kind of software project participants should use. In a fragmented industry like the AEC, this obviously didn’t work. The Execution Plan generator identified the preferred, most effective ways of working and tries to map them between project participants.

Now there was a tool to measure and improve practical BIM use in an organisation, and on a project level. The long term plan is to also help clients to create their BIM Requirements, and to measure the quality of the actual BIM dataset (BIM Analytics).

In 2016 plans where made to put these tools in a separate entity and internationalise them. In 2017 a spin-off company was created that holds a license agreement with TNO to exploit the BIM Quickscan and BIM Execution Plan generator. BIM Supporters B.V is the master franchise organisation that has a focus on educating the industry, and the responsibility to guarantee the quality of certified consultants worldwide.

There is still a strong relation with TNO in the field of data analyses and the research backbone.


Today BIM Supporters is on a mission to improve the quality of practical BIM usage. We focus on providing insights in the quality of BIM usage within an organisation, a project and on the model itself. Education an knowledge sharing are important cornerstones of our work.