High quality expertise

We make sure you get the highest quality BIM advice and support

The consultants get an intense training with objective content about several BIM topics. We help them to keep track of new technologies and best practices. Consultants are required to take an update exam each year to make sure their knowledge is up-to-date. We constantly evaluate the quality of service by our Certified Consultants with surveys. Read more about our quality policy ».

We only work with independent consultants

Certified consultants are not employed at the BIM Supporters organisation. They run their own independent business.

This creates higher quality because the BIM Supporters organisation can be more rigorous in demanding high standards from  consultants. It also allows certified consultants to create their own specialism.

You choose your own certified consultant.

What makes certified consultants different?

We do things a little differently, here’s a quick overview of our unqiue approach.

Unified approach

No matter what consultant you ask, you will get the same information about certain topics. We believe in a unified approach based on best practices.

Knowledge Base & Helpdesk

Certified consultants have access to an extensive knowledge base. Additionally, they can call a ‘hotline’ to the researcher team at BIM Supporters. Your certified consultant won’t charge you for hours of research.

Sharing best practices

BIM is very broad. No consultant can have all the knowledge. Our consultans share their findings and best practices among each other.

Extra features

Got a nice level according to the BIM Compass™? Get a certified consultant to validate it and share it online! Certified consultants have lots of extra features in our tools and can provide more context to your BIM roadmap.

Scientific backbone

Our scientific committee makes sure all the information we provide to certified consultants is validated and checked.

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An expert for every topic

Because we cannot expect certified consultants to become experts in everyting, we have specialists on several topics.

Find a consultant for your question…

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Have your consultant apply!

How the market responds

”I can imagine that software vendors are afraid of these certified consultants. Currently the BIM market adoption is driven by software sales. BIM Supporters could turn that around and give the industry control over their own innovations.“