Our BIM Toolset

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

We believe in a data-driven approach to create insights and improve your BIM level.

  • BIM Compass

    The BIM Compass™ measures the level of BIM in your organisation. It provides valuable insights and guidelines to improve your BIM level based on data instead of opinions. Compare your results with others in your industry, or other countries. Measure yourself, or hire a Certified Consultant to measure your organisation and be able to publish the results.

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  • BIM Execution Plan generator

    It never works when someone tells others how to execute a BIM project. We believe in the ‘data driven’ approach for BIM Execution plans.

    The BIM Execution Plan generator analyses the preferred way of working of each project partner and based on that, a concept BIM Execution plan is generated. You will get an overview of where working methods match, on which topics there could be a problem along the line, and what you need to solve as soon as possible. This tool is a BIM collaboration team building machine.

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  • BIM Secrets

    The BIM Secrets e-Course module brings you tangible and practical insight in BIM Topics. If you are allergic to the ongoing BIM Sofware grind, or think the abstract high level presentations are vague, this is the place to be. Finally an online BIM course about how all the abbreviations.  Learn everything you need to know about IFC, BCF, MVD, BSDD, and all the other data terms

    This tool is quite new and there will be new courses regularly.

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  • BIM Analytics

    Just exporting IFC from a BIM tool is no guarantee that the data can be used by others. Our BIM Analytics tool provides insight in your IFC data set. Based on our database of models, it will provide a statistical insight what the chances are that your data is useful for others.

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