Find and compare your BIM Level

Find your BIM Level and compare your own level to others.

  • BIM Compass

    The BIM Compass™ measures the level of BIM in your organisation. It provides valuable insights and guidelines to improve your BIM level based on data instead of opinions. Compare your results with others in your industry, or other countries. Measure yourself, or hire a Certified Consultant to measure your organisation and be able to publish the results.

    It is not about being at the highest BIM Level as possible. It is about operating at the BIM Level that fits your organisation best. This really depends on the type of organisation that you are, and the type of work you do.
    Architects that only work in the design phase are focuses on geometry and visualization. Their BIM Level is probably lower compared to engineering companies, but this makes sense. No organisation can, or has to, score high at all aspects of BIM. The BIM Compass quickly shows on what level you are, and gives you the option to compare with your peers.

    Share your results

    You can measure yourself, or have a Certified Consultant perform a measurement for your organisation. The measurement is free and you can compare your results with others, but your results cannot be made public.

    A BIM Compass report that is validated by a Certified Consultant cán be shared via a public link. You can also embed the BIM Level report on your website and use it in your marketing and project offers.

    A Certified consultant also helps you placing the outcome in the right context; answers questions and support you with the follow up roadmap to improve your BIM Level in the right direction.