There is no ‘one way of working’. Not in a project, and not for organisations.

Fragmented industry asked for tailer made processes per organisation and sometimes for projects (although a large part could be generic). There are local differences, personal preferences and technical limitations.

Standardizing on Autodesk doesn’t work, but blindly standardizing on openBIM standards also doesn’t work.

Some BuildingSMART initiatives create depenency on their systems (kind of lock-in as well).

BIM Supporters does not push a ‘one size fits all’  solution, but carefully looks at the situation case by case.

It is about being in control of your process and data. Having a long term vision about adding value to the chain by smart use of data.

We don’t write openBIM in one word like BuildingSMART, but use ‘opening BIM’ or ‘open BIM’ to point to the fact that the user  in in control over the data.

Our certified consultants are not software sales people, but also not blindly yelling about openBIM.